Let us take you into the homes of families who have customised their own living experiences flawlessly. From warm rustics, cooler minimalism to light and dark contrasts of print with a personal touch. These homes we feel express a versatile approach to light, colour and interior composition worth appreciating for home project inspiration; the individuality of accessorising homeware pieces are adapted to each families purpose. 


This century shift family home in Stockholm has the refined sophisticated, graphic floral themes that embody the perfect contrasting colour palette and tones. Hanna and her family show interior settings with purpose that enables a capture of life. 



For the Vandors, a simple Scandinavian approach to design, recycling and sustainability is an integral part of life. The result is a clean and light living space that perfectly reflects an airy relaxing interior for their Canadian family home. 


Alina's Nordic Interior brings minimal architecture for light and natural tones to dress onto her home so flawlessly. Her concept of geometric architecture allows her to still dress each room individually whilst all cohesive as one space. 


When minimalism meets composition, Lydia showcases how to dress a space. The satisfaction is the overall cleanliness minimalism can offer with accents of colour and great space designing. 


This haven is an escapism to all your dream childhood expectations. This account shows lovely room aesthetics that display a fantasy playground for children to have fun and enjoy. From soft touchings to bold prints and expressions. 


Playtime is well orchestrated for this home, the room spaces are designed with good intentions for children to enjoy their playtime and allows the rest of the home to have its relaxing serenity.


A space that offers practicality for children's storage with touches of design. Hayley's home decor allows colour co-ordination of dark and light tones to offer a delightful exploration setting for a children's playroom.

Kid of The Village showcases their own designed prints that are available to purchase.   


If you appreciate neutral tones then you will appreciate Emma's lifestyle. This range of colour palette co-ordinates a seamless haven for minimal lovers. Her subtle contrasts of homeware pieces add modern character. 


Showcasing an eye catching perspective, Sarah display's her living home in action with her family utilising its design purposes. The attention to details highlight the textures and feeling of this cosy home. 


If you like flush modern settings with soft tone palettes then this is the account for you. Her wooden aesthetics bring a warm rustic style in contrast with cooler neutral colours. 


Sarah invites you to see her co-ordination of colour and interior composition with a personal touch. Her sensibility of colour shows with her accessorising of homeware pieces for her family's purpose.

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March 09, 2022 — Team Is To Me

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