Start to elevate your home for spring with some initial tips that will enable your space to feel lifted and refreshed.
We have chosen some selected items from brands that convey versatile design and would make great additions to any home. 

Utilise those plant pots 

Whether it's fresh, dried or faux flowers, you can find a wide selection to suit your home's light and temperature environment.  

Ferm Living Bau Plant Pot

If you want minimalism and functionality, the Ferm Living Wall Box offers this design for both indoor and outdoor purpose. The sleek square and rectangle designs can be placed on your walls amongst photo frames and placed as a contemporary design feature for that bare wall space that needs filling.                                                                                         
As well as for your green plants you can utilise them as shelves, possibly as a bathroom storage solution perhaps? 


Or maybe you are after something for little wall space? If you want just a note of greenery in such a small space, the Ferm Living Hanging Pot is a great addition to allow plants to flourish; you may also utilise this pot as a hanging basket for some loose items.


Manipulate Light

Placing a mirror in your space will harness any natural daylight regardless of the weather and cast this natural light into your interiors. When this distributes it can have an effect on the mood and depth of the space.


Ferm Living Pond Mirror - Large        Ferm Living Pond Mirror - Small
Ferm Living's best selling Pond mirror captures a smooth artistic design that will give your wall space character.

For when the night draws in we always want to be cosy and make the most of those twilight hours before a decent sleep. Menu has designed an opal glass shade with a level adjustable LED light that is portable for the users needs, you can have this in your home and has the option to be charged for outdoor use. 

The Carrie lamp overall offers stylistic ambient lighting with its modern mobility, it also comes in several colour styles. 

Menu Carrie LED Lamps - Shop Now



Accessorise with accent colours

Using colour tones can define how you want the mood of your space to feel.
A tone of warmth which can be co-ordinated with neutral colours is what we visioned with this Menu Bowl. This is a great addition to your sideboards, coffee and dining tables with some freshly bought fruit pieces or faux dried flowers to sit in.

Menu Echasse Bowl - Amber                Menu Echasse Bowl - Smoke


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March 16, 2022 — Team Is To Me

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