We know it can be tricky when choosing a decorative scheme for your child's playroom and getting ideas, we believe the more imaginative and colourful the better, ultimately this space is a dedicated and fun space for your children to spark and develop their little imaginations.








Feature Wall



Reading Corner















There are a few aspects to think about when planning an imaginative children's room ideas. Firstly, compromise; you and your child will probably have different priorities when it comes to decorating the playroom, but try to meet in the middle. Playroom ideas So, what playroom design ideas are key? Find ways to create a flexible space that satisfies everyone's needs and requirements. Next, plan for the future as decorating a playroom for a toddler is obviously totally different to creating a chill-out zone for teens. Try to choose furniture that will fit both and that will last through developing and re-decorating!

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August 02, 2022 — Team Is To Me

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