Maileg Pixy


It’s that time of year again. That person in the little red suit is back once more to cause mischief and mayhem in our homes… 


No, we’re not talking about Santa, we’re talking about a certain little naughty elf!

Maileg Pixy

I know that there can be a love/hate relationship with the old elf on the shelf but here at Is To Me we love him! The excitement he causes every morning as the kids rush down the stairs to find out what mischief he’s been up to, is like having little Christmas morning excitement every day of December. 


This year, we’re switching up the old elf on the shelf, he’s away on his holidays if the kids ask. And, we’re changing him for a much more aesthetically appealing Maileg Pixy! You can shop our range of Maileg festive figures, but our choice has to be the pixy!

Maileg Pixy

We thought, what better way to get you excited/prepared for the weeks to follow than share some elf, or pixy in our case, ideas!


  1. Flour Fairy


Spread some baking flour on the floor in your kitchen and instead of a ‘snow angel’ you can create a flour fairy with the pixy’s arms. 


  1. Toilet Paper Mania


Leave the toilet roll on the holder and pull the paper throughout the house and around the Christmas tree. 


  1. Toothpaste Bandit


Create messages around the sink from the pixy and leave it sitting on the toothbrush ready to be found. 


  1. Fruity Fun


Draw silly faces on the skin covered fruit in your fruit bowl and sit pixy next to them holding the pen.


  1. Jackpot


Spread chocolate coins around your bag or wallet, making it look like the pixy has emptied it out on the floor. 


  1. Messy Mornings


Throw your kids clothes for the day around the living room. You can create a game to find every piece of clothing and get dressed as they do it.  


  1. Mirror kisses


Put lots of little lipstick dots on your mirror or write a message, leave your pixy next to it with the lipstick in hand. 

  1. Picasso


With a glass pen, draw on family framed photos, making them into Christmas characters or whatever takes your fancy.


  1. They see me Rollin


Have your pixy or elf sitting in the kids toy car or house. 


  1. That's a Wrap


Our family favourite is wrapping up the home office with Christmas paper, making it impossible to work over the festive period. 


Maileg Pixy

We hope this helps you! Please share any ideas with us on social media! We cannot wait to see what mischief you’ll get up to! 

Team Is To Me. 


November 20, 2022 — Team Is To Me

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