Tender Leaf My Forest Floor


What is it...

A wooden forest themed tinker-tray and container to help little ones recreate the outside world.

Why we love it...

If you go into the woods today...This gorgeous little tinker tray comes with 49 unique pieces which replicate the variety and excitement of an outdoor adventure! Whether you're looking to develop your little ones love of nature, or simply keep them busy on a rainy day, this is the toy for you! A wooden box with built in compartments for organising their treasures and a sliding lid that doubles as a chalk board, this toy is sure to provide hours of fun. 

Set include: 

Six grey flat pebble, four multi faceted rock, three cone tree, eight twigs, a snail, a moth, six little toadstools, one large toadstool, ten leaves, two acorns, two beetles, four tunnel pieces, one bird's egg.

Need to know...

  • Material: Reclaimed Rubberwood and Birch Plywood
  • No toxic chemicals in paint or wood
  • Clean with a damp cloth
  • Dimensions 30.5x30.5x6cm
  • Sustainable
  • Ages 3+

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