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VITA copenhagen – now this is the place where beautiful and elegant Danish lighting design meets the truly passionate Scandinavian feel, using high-quality materials and a genuine care for the environment.

Vita's designer lamps are created with a focus on aesthetics, simplicity and functionality, such as those shown here. What we love about VITA is that such care and attention extends also to the packaging and not just the product,! All of the lamps are packaged in compact gift boxes to optimise worldwide shipping solutions and storage costs, thereby reducing the environmental footprint of the plane, and you as the end consumer.

The VIT Eos is made from all 100% natural goose feathers, making all the Eos shades natural, bespoke and truly one of a kind. Eos gives a soft light and has a beautiful simplistic elegance, even when not illuminated it is multi use, multi functional. Eos is available in different sizes so it compliments every room and setting. Discover our collection of Eos light shade here.

August 23, 2016 — Team Is To Me

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