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Serax Catherine Lovatt tablewares

Serax has been the forefront of Eurpean product design since 1987. The company serves as a design platform, where synergies are created between Belgian and international designers. Serax always retains its of offering its customers accessible, high-quality and functional design.

Originally from the North of France Catherine Lovatt attended the Ghent Saint-Lucas Visual Arts, her reel work started off as a freelance artist creating designs for well known international brands. The this here is smooth lines and tones and working towards items that are timeless.

Some well known set such as the Family Set have been going strong since their inception in 2011, the entire set carries a cup, jug, tea pot, candlestick  and various beakers.  What you will notice about these great designs is that they are all cylindrical, as Catherine puts it "like a family" 

The family set comes in white and taupe and is designed to be simplistic and everything to do with logic, bringing together great design, functionality and great materials.

A selection of Serax Catherine Lovatt Family set and Daily Beginnings range are available in our online store. 

The Catherine Lovatt range of tableswares are available from our online store.

June 07, 2016 — Haiyan Jeffrey

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